Friday, March 26, 2010

Friendzy Friday

It's Friendzy Friday at Two Scrapbook Friends and it is my turn to post. In honour of the kick off to Scrapfest weekend at Two friends this weekend, I thought I would show you something I made using a product I bought at the very first Scrapfest I ever attended 4 years ago.
So I came up with this cute little Easter bunny made from this fun fiber. The instructions are simple, as you can see by the pictures above. You simply need the fiber, a stamp, ink, parchment paper and an iron.

Ink your stamp with a colour that is similar to the fiber. Then place a generous amount of fiber over the stamp, place the parchment paper over top and iron on medium setting. Once you see the image show through, you can remove the fiber, and the end result is this little image into the fiber. I then used it to create the Easter card above. It's really fun to work with, and can produce an interesting element to your cards and layouts!


Regan said...

well geesh!!

this is totally brilliant!

Rosemary said...

Bobbi-Lyn what a cute card and thanks for the idea tip.

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