Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Peggy's Cove pics

So after we left PEI, we went to Nova Scotia. My fav day was Peggy's Cove. Here are some pics. I just had to touch the ocean. This pic is Derek helping me up from the slippery rocks.

Here is where I put my foot in the ocean, but got more than I bargained for when a big wave came up and got me all the way up to my waist! You can see the surprised look on my face.

The family with the mist and waves all around us. Such a cool place!
My favourite family shot. This is still at Peggy's Cove, you can see the ocean behind us.


Dr. J said...

Gorgeous family photos Bobbi!

Joanne said...

Gorgeous photos! The family picture is the best:)

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