Monday, April 11, 2011


Scrapfest just finished for another year. It was great to see everyone again. I was supposed to host the crop, but with my recent health challenges, I had to bow out. I did, however, manage to volunteer a few hours on Friday, right when many people were checking in, and that was fun. But boy did those few hours wipe me out! I think it was the most energy I have used since my hysterectomy, and I felt it! I tried not to do too much walking around, and just stay stationed at the desk, but it still caught up with me. It was worth it though!

I was also excited to meet Carolyn from Maya Road. I have known her online for about 6 years, but this is the first time we met in person (see pic above). And it was great to see so many others that I only get to see every Scrapfest.

Thanks to Lisa and the rest of the Scrapfest crew, for another wonderful Scrapfest!!


Avril Tanner said...

So glad you made it out to scrapfest! Sorry I missed you though....

Deanna said...

How did I miss you at scrapfest!

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