Friday, December 4, 2009

The countdown is on

Here we are in December, and my kids are so excited because the countdown has begun! And in my house, advents are a big part of December, especially when chocolate is involved. With my two older ones, we used to do the ritual in the morning, but with my 3 younger ones, I find it is easier to start the bedtime routine if I promise a treat from the advent countdown first LOL.

I didn't buy the typical advents, this year I wanted to craft my own. So I bought the Karen Foster countdown, and the Kaisercraft. I love how they both turned out. Here are pictures of each. The Kaisercraft (the one with the gold embossed numbers) was a little more work, as it had to be completely assembled, but well worth it!

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Avril Tanner said...

These turned out great! Your kids must be loving them!

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