Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally, my scrap blog!

Hopefully I blog better with this scrap blog than I did Blockquotewith my personal blog. I just made the design team at Two Scrapbook Friends, so it was time to create a blog. I plan to share my creations, as well as inspiration I get from other blogs and fellow scrapbookers. For example, I found this cute idea for ballet cupcakes from a blog called parties and holidays. So I used it as inspiration for my own daughter's ballet birthday party, and I created invitations and my own version of ballet cupcakes seen here. They were cute and fun to create, and I got a lot of comments! That's what I love about blogging, the sharing of great ideas!


Avril Tanner said...

These are so cute! I can not believe you found my blog! I have not seen you in ages... how are things... are you back in town?

Bobbi-Lynn said...

We are great! Yes, back in town, we only lasted a year and missed it so much we had to come back LOL

Anonymous said...

Two Scrapbook Friends is very close to where my friend Yolanda lives -- we stopped by there the last time we visited last summer! -- Great little store!

Great looking blog!

Lori (loribeth1961)

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