Monday, December 7, 2009

Lots of scrapping material, November pics

Well it's been a busy November, and December is about to get pretty busy too. In November Brennen tested and received his green belt in karate. My kids have been in karate since they were 4, and I am so glad they stuck with it. Below are some pics of Brennen receiving his green belt from his Sensei. Congratulations Brennen, we are very proud of you!

And it was Chelsea's 6th birthday, and her first 'friend' birthday party. It was a ballerina party at her ballet studio, and was a big hit with the kids. And there is also a pic of the three little ones having a tea party. Think the boys will want me to take this pic out to show in about 10 years? LOL So I have lots of scrapping material to get busy with, before December's photo ops start stacking up.

The Tea Party

The birthday girl at her ballerina party

Budding ballerina's

My karate kid

Bowing as he receives his belt and certificate

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